Domestic Waste

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Skip permits and placing your skip on a public path

If you are hiring a skip for your home you may need to place it on a public path. Depending on where you live, you may need to check your local council’s skip hire guidelines and then apply for a skip permit. Once you are granted a permit you need to check how long it is valid for so you can plan your skip hire delivery and collection. Most skip permits expire after about two weeks, so if you are considering long-term hire you will need to submit another application. For more information, see our guide to skip hire permits, or just give us a call and we'll find out for you.

Placing your skip on a public road

If your skip is going to be on the road, you must make sure that the longest sides of the skip are parallel to the edge of the road, and that the skip is as close to the road as possible. You cannot place a skip within 15 metres of a junction. Make sure the skip does not obstruct access to your neighbours' access roads or driveways.

Hiring the right size skip

Be sure to get the right size skip. You save loads of time and money by getting a skip that's slightly too large, rather than slightly too small. That's because overloading a skips is illegal